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Centerfire Cleaning Solutions was founded by environmentally responsible firearm enthusiasts and lifetime friends, Steve Thomas and Shawn Stahl. Steve and Shawn grew up hunting, fishing and recreational shooting and have been immersed in the firearm industry for many years. Between the two of them, they have many years of experience in metallurgy, hazardous materials, and mechanical engineering. By combining their mechanical propensity with their passion for the outdoors, Steve and Shawn hand-built Centerfire Cleaning Solutions. The vision at Centerfire Cleaning Solutions is simple: to encourage responsibility of all firearm enthusiasts in order to preserve gun ownership rights and show others that we respect the environment. Centerfire Cleaning Solutions is built on a solid foundation of ideals. Our ideals are to hold every firearm owner responsible for positively representing the firearm community, to show respect when hunting and shooting, to support our law enforcement and military, and to demonstrate that we value the environment.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines- Another Way to Clean Your Guns

We have been doing a lot of testing with WeaponCLP to see just how far we can push it. It has already proven to be great as a CLP (cleaner, lubricator, and preservative), and we are moving forward now with testing WeaponCLP to be the first CLP to be used in utrasonic cleaners.

Below is a photo of the ultrasonic gun cleaning machine that we have set-up at the shop.

Today, we cleaned a Ruger 10-22 that has had 4,000 rounds shot through it. Below, you can see the trigger assembly and bolt being placed into the ultrasonic cleaner. We put these parts in for 5 minutes with the temperature set at 120 dregrees F.

The benefits of using WeaponCLP in ultrasonic cleaners are:

There are very few fumes created by heating the solution.

Only WeaponCLP needs to be used, meaning you no longer need to switch tanks back and forth between solvents and lubricators.

The “elbow grease” is very minimal and cleaning time is cut way down.

You can be assured that each part of your firearm is clean and lubricated.

As you can see, every part is very clean. The only scrubbing that was done was the bore of the barrel.

Click the photos for a closer view…

Not bad for 5 minutes of cleaning after 4,000 rounds, huh?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Crossroads of the West Gun Show, Costa Mesa, CA March 27-28

Centerfire Cleaning Solutions will be in Costa Mesa, CA on March 27-28 for the Crossroads of the West Gun Show.

Stop by our booth for WeaponCLP demos and for more info. on our company and products!


WeaponCLP is a gun cleaner, lubricator, and preserver like no other!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Crossroads of the West Gun Show, San Francisco

Cow Palace in San Francisco, CA March 13-14.

Stop by Centerfire Cleaning Solutions' booth.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

WeaponCLP Commercial

Buy WeaponCLP Online

Centerfire Cleaning Solutions has developed a high-performance gun cleaner like no other. Characterized by its cleaning, lubricating, and preserving properties, WeaponCLP is a complete gun care system in one bottle. With rigorous testing from law enforcement, Marine infantrymen, Army snipers, as well as your everyday firearm enthusiast, WeaponCLP has truly put itself on the grid. As technologically advanced as today’s weapons, WeaponCLP cuts down on cleaning time and “elbow grease”, making the gun cleaning experience more enjoyable. WeaponCLP is safe for all firearms, from your 1950 Colt 1911 to the high speed M4’s on today’s front line. WeaponCLP is put through a very strict and detailed chemical process to provide the following properties:

The chemical composition of our formula is a natural solvent, enabling WeaponCLP to breakdown and remove carbon and other deposits left behind from firing your weapon. WeaponCLP should be used to clean all parts of your firearm, including polymers, plastics, and rubber o-rings.

Our formula is structured around a natural oil base. Natural oils inherently have a higher flash point then petroleum based distillates, which gives WeaponCLP an extremely high flashpoint. Therefore, the higher the temperature of your firearm the less likely it is to burn of the lubricating properties of WeaponCLP. What this means for you is that after repeated firing of your weapon, the lubricating aspects of WeaponCLP will continue to perform and outlast the competition. Extensive testing shows that WeaponCLP will acually lower operating temperatures of most semi-automatic weapons. Less time maintaining = more time shooting.

By using WeaponCLP as a preservative, you are continually protecting your firearm against build-up that occurs from firing your weapon. This means that as WeaponCLP settles into the barrel and bore of your firearm it is actively protecting your firearm against carbon, copper, brass, and lead build-up. WeaponCLP prevents rust and enables you to store your firearm without worry for years on end. WeaponCLP works so well, that even 30 days after a salt water test, WeaponCLP continued to protect againt rust. WeaponCLP will continue to protect your firearm long after others fail.
WeaponCLP exceeds the requirements for cleaning, lubricating, and preservation of weapons. WeaponCLP aids in the effective removal of residue and other impurities from weapon components while providing lubrication and preservation for consistent weapon operation.
WeaponCLP was designed by firearm enthusiasts at Centerfire Cleaning Solutions with the intentions of a true C.L.P. revolution!

Available in 4oz and 8oz aluminum spray bottles.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Eco-Friendly Performance

Our products are designed to inflict minimal or no harm on the environment, while continually providing the performance that your weapon needs. WeaponCLP is packaged in an aluminum bottle that is both reusable and recyclable. WeaponCLP is biodegradable, meaning it breaks down in the environment into harmless compounds. Our Cleaning/ Range Mats are made from quality neoprene that is washable and reusable. Centerfire Cleaning Solutions has created eco-friendly products that actually perform!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tests prove that WeaponCLP is a "gun cleaner like no other"

Centerfire’s new Weapon CLP claims to be “a gun cleaner that is like no other.” Is that a good or bad thing?
By Scott E. Mayer

…Clearly, a lot has changed in the past decade when it comes to lubricants, cleaners, and preservatives. That Weapons CLP claims it is “a gun cleaner like no other” proved to be true in my comparison as it greatly exceeded the performance of similar products as a lubricant and preservative…